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Harissa: The Only Condiment You’ll Need — And Why!

  • by Katia Essyad


Think outside the box — you’ve probably heard that so many times before. It’s the mantra we repeat to ourselves when things have become too routine and we need a solution. What can be done differently?

We’ve got the answer when it comes to food: harissa! It’s miles beyond mustard or ketchup, and makes other hot sauces pale in comparison. Its hot, it’s spreadable and it stays put. The flavor is bold, salty and full of peppery fire and a hint of smoke. Did we mention the lemon? The bright yellow citrus adds a slight tang and just the right amount of lemon for an intriguing complexity.

So how do you use it? We’ve put together our favorite everyday foods, and when you add harissa to them, it becomes an absolute game changer. Check them out below and give them a try! You can thank us later.

Burgers and Dogs

Harissa adds so much to an ordinary grill night. Spread harissa on burger and hot dog buns for a burst of heat and spice that you’ll never get with ordinary ketchup or mustard. Fold harissa into hamburger mix to season the patties. Place a dollop of harissa beneath the cheese on a cheeseburger, and be amazed by the melty, spicy combo of flavors. Add harissa into aioli and use as a next-level spread.

Eggs, Quiches and Omelettes

Many cooks will tell you that the egg is the most versatile food. Why not pair it with the most versatile hot sauce? Harissa’s bold bite is magical with quiche. Serve it as a condiment alongside or add it to the batter for a spicy take on the French classic. Spoon harissa onto fried eggs, boiled eggs and omelettes and turn ordinary into extraordinary. Harissa’s signature notes bring out the richness in yolks and adds zest to the relatively plain whites.

Everything Potato

Whether it’s french fries, hash browns or the classic baked russet, potatoes and harissa were meant for each other. One taste and you’ll see what we mean. The salty punch and peppery kick bring out the natural sweetness of America’s favorite root vegetable. You’ll also love the dash of color. Bonus: Try harissa as a dip for onion rings!


They come by many names: club sandwiches, BLTs, po’boys, cheesesteaks and subs. They all have three things in common: They have bread on the outside, a filling on the inside and go great with harissa. If you like spice, then you just cannot beat harissa on your favorite sandwich. What about PB&J? Well, maybe just the peanut butter ...

Rice Bowls and Noodles

Rice bowls and noodles make for a wonderful weeknight meal. Steam the rice and fire up a quick stir-fry, or boil some noodles and add in fixings to taste. Either way, harissa is a choice condiment for these simple go-to dishes. Drizzle some harissa into your rice bowl with a dash of rice vinegar and a sprinkle of sesame seeds. Mix harissa into your noodles with a drizzle of sesame oil for a spicy, salty kick!

This is how we do it. How do you everyday with Casablanca Market Harissa?

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