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Discover Flavors and Culture of Morocco

Indulge in the authentic flavors and artistry of Morocco, while empowering local artisans and their families. Every purchase from our small women-owned family business helps sustain the livelihoods of our artisans, whose traditional recipes, techniques and designs infuse our artisan-made kitchenware, home decor, and authentic Moroccan food and condiments with a unique cultural flair.

Experience the Rich Flavors and Vibrant Culture of Morocco

At Casablanca Market, we are offering a range of traditional food and condiments, all based on our childhood-favorite recipes passed down for generations.

80% of our food makers are women who work to support their families through their craft.

In addition, we offer exquisite artisan-made kitchenware and ceramics, handmade and decorated with skill and love. Each purchase is supporting Moroccan artisans and their families and keeps their craftsmanship alive.

Experience the Magic of Morocco Through the Skilled Hands of Our Talented Artisans

At Casablanca Market, we are dedicated to bringing you authentic Moroccan handcrafted kitchenware, including hand-shaped and hand-painted tagines, stunning handblown glasses and exquisite home decor pieces.

Each item is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, reflecting the rich cultural heritage and artistic traditions of Morocco.

By supporting our artisans, you're not only bringing a piece of Morocco into your home, but also helping to sustain a community of skilled craftsmen who keep their traditions alive through their incredible creations.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I followed all the steps to season it properly, and wow is this a piece of cookware. Have used it at least 10 times so far and it is amazing.


I had been looking for a flavor packed harissa without toxic seeds, oils and other chemicals and I found it. This stuff is the real deal, made with ingredients sourced directly in Morocco. I called their land line
and spoke directly with the folks who work there. Good people and a great product.

Michael B.

Previously I only had argan oil for skin and hair care. This is the first time I'm getting edible argan oil. It is organic food grade oil, with superior quality. It is very fresh, having a smooth texture.
It is versatile for all my cooking. I like to use it for my salad, adding nutty flavor to the salad. My salad tastes so delicious. I also use it for stir fry, baking or dipping. It layers flavors in my dishes, deepening and enhancing the taste of my meals.


The glasses are beautiful. Love the little irregularities that show that they're handblown. Perfect little wine glasses - especially for folks who may have broken all of their stem glasses and now prefer the sturdiness of stemless wine glasses. I am folks.


This bag is everything, it's durable, functional and fashionable. This bag goes everywhere with me!


I spread this tapenade on toasted bread and each bite is a little taste of heaven! It's so fresh and so full of flavor, a perfect mix of olives, capers and olive oil. Just the right amount of saltiness. Love this product!


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