Our Mission

Our mission begins with the artisans who create the beautiful & useful products you see here. Every purchase at Casablanca Market is just one more step to their financial security. For these craftspeople, our store serves as a secure marketplace to nurture and preserve artistic heritage while mentoring its progress. For all of our artisans, women and men, we pledge to provide a fair market for their goods and the support they need to continue making their fantastic products and sharing their stories.


Two Simple Holiday Side Dishes

Add a little love from Casablanca Market to your holiday meals with these two easy to make (but delicious to eat) side dishes!
November 20, 2018 by Katia Essyad

Preserved Lemon & Harissa Marinated Chicken Kebabs

Spice up your dinner in all seasons with these flavorful, grilled chicken kebabs — zesty, bold and delicious!
November 11, 2018 by Katia Essyad

Recipe: Shrimp with Spicy Harissa Tomato Sauce on Squid Ink Pasta

Liven up your meal with this tasty and bold — yet easy-to-make — recipe for shrimp paired with spicy harissa tomato sauce served over squid ink pasta!
September 29, 2018 by Katia Essyad