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Lemon Wood Lemon Squeezer


Women owned

Elevate your citrus juicing game with the Authentic Moroccan Minimalist Lemon Wood Lemon Squeezer. Made with high-quality lemon wood, this squeezer expertly blends traditional Moroccan craftsmanship and contemporary minimalism. Its durable material, resistance to bacteria, and natural lemon aroma make it an essential tool in any kitchen. Not only will you enjoy fresh, juicy citrus with a subtle fragrance, but your purchase also helps preserve cultural heritage and sustain artisan communities. By supporting traditional techniques and local craftsmanship, you are making a positive impact on cultural preservation while adding a touch of exotic charm to your kitchen. Get your hands on the compact, easy-to-use, and long-lasting Authentic Moroccan Minimalist Lemon Wood Lemon Squeezer today.

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Origin: Morocco
Material: Lemon Wood
Colors: Light Wood
Dimension: Approx. 5.75" L x 1.8" W
Product Care Instruction
SKU: LW002

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Preserve artisanal & cultural heritage, empower artisans, and help protect the planet.