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Calligraphy Design Moroccan Luminary


At the very heart of Darkness there is the glow of a flame enclosed within a precious photophore that reveals a unique atmosphere. Available in 4 intense colours and made of the finest paraffin. The original shapes as well as their style of these photophores have their origin in the magnificent red city of Marrakesh. Simply place a small candle inside to create a mysterious warm glow. The photophores last indefinitely and will add a magical touch to your decor.

FOR USE: Always place the cube on a flat surface and place the tealight on the bottom of the cub. Never allow a candle to burn w/o supervision, or near a flammable product. Always keep the candle out of children's reach. Near place near heat source or sunlight and never keep an anti-mosquito candle in a closed room.

Size: 4.75"x4.75"

SKU:  PC008