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Handira Pillow
Handira Pillow
Handira Pillow
Handira Pillow

Handira Pillow

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We took a spin on this traditional yet beautiful design, by including a pillow to match the Handira blanket.


Weeks before a wedding ceremony, a very special blanket is woven for the bride, often by a female member of her own family. Lamb's wool is hand spun and hand-loomed, infusing the blanket with baraka (blessings from God). Looms are treated as living things in Berber culture and command a unique reverence. Therefore, it's believed that the tremendous prayer and care taken during the weaving process instills in the blanket a sort of talismanic power, to bring good fortune to the marriage, fertility to the bride and to avert the evil eye.

 Care Instructions:

-LINE DRY is recommended

Origin: Morocco

Dimensions: 23" L x 14" W

 SKU: BP0353

Handira Pillow

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