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Heart Shaped Cedar Box

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Heart shaped cedar box opens and snaps shut great decorative and or gift for valentine.This wood, officially named Tetraclinis Articulata, is also known as Thuja Articulata, Sandarach or Thyine wood. It is part of the cedar family & it is commonly called "Thuya" (pronounced thu"ya) in Morocco.

This wood has a long history. Thine wood was mentioned in the Bible as "citron wood, by the Romans." It was also stated that "The name of this wood is derived from the Greek word thuein, "to sacrifice," and it was so called because it was burnt in sacrifices, on account of its fragrance. The wood of this tree was reckoned very valuable, and was used for making articles of furniture by the Greeks and Romans." The Moroccan craftsmen who make these wood products use the burls of the tree to create pieces with unique wood grains and patterns on each piece. Each piece is handmade from this fragrant wood, and as such is a unique piece of art.

Size: 5.5"wide and 2" tall.

SKU: HA018