8.4-qt. Stainless Steel Couscoussier


8.4-qt. Stainless Steel Couscoussier Used to cook North Africa's signature dish, couscous, the lower pot cooks large amounts of lamb, fish, chicken and vegetables. Steam rises from this stew to infuse the semolina in the pot above with succulent flavor. 13.5" wide including the handles by 13"tall


The national dish of Morocco, couscous was introduced by the indigenous Berbers. Typically made of semolina, couscous is cooked in a two-chambered couscoussier. A stew of meat and vegetables cooks in the bottom chamber while the aromatic steam rises through the perforated second chamber to cook the couscous. To serve, place stew in the middle of the dish, with couscous in a ring around the edge.

Dimensions of each pot:

Top pot (where couscous goes)
10'' diameter x 4'' height

Bottom Pot
10'' diameter x 8'' height

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