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Unglazed Naturel Tagine


Women owned

Looking for an authentic and durable natural tagine to add some North African flavor to your cooking? Look no further than our handmade tagine, which is beautiful and strong. You can use it on the stovetop at low heat, in the oven (up to 350F), and on any grill. Please note that it needs to be seasoned before first use, which adds an earthy flavor and ensures its long life and strength. By purchasing our tagine, you'll not only enjoy its unique asymmetrical shape, but you'll also help preserve artisanal and cultural heritage, empower artisans, and protect the planet. Order now to start cooking with a touch of Moroccan charm!

This tagine is Food Safe.

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Origin: Morocco
Material: Ceramic
Color: Terracotta
Dimensions: 12"W x 8"H
Tagine Curing and Seasoning
SKU: TC0031

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Preserve artisanal & cultural heritage, empower artisans, and help protect the planet.


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