Zagora Cooking Tagine


This tagine is made by hand in Morocco. It is made for BOTH cooking and serving.



Tagines are getting more and more popular in the cooking community. It slow-cooks of meat and/or vegetables. The tall lid allows steam to circulate only within the tagine, slowly cooking the food to perfection without destroying the texture or losing the flavors. And tangia is an alternative for cooking food with more juice and broth. This will be perfect for your holiday party this year.

This tagine needs to be seasoned before first use. This process ensures long life and strength and adds a typical earthy tagine flavor to your cooking. It can be used on stove top (up to low-med heat) as well as in the oven (up to 350F). 

NOT dishwasher safe

It is food safe and lead and cadmium free.



8" diameter  x 6 1/2 " H


12" Diameter x 8"H