Chef Casablanca Cooking Tagine


Our tagine collection cooks food so beautifully, the high conical -- or dome-shaped -- cover, which fits into the shallow base, acts as a kind of closed chimney. Since the heat on a stove top comes from below, the top of the cover remains cooler than the rest of the pot, which causes steam to condense and drip back onto the stew, preventing the food from drying out. You simply can cook chicken, beef, lamb, sausage, egg, vegetarian; there are dozens of cookbooks and literally thousands of recipes about tagine cooking

This tagine needs to be seasoned before first use. This process ensures long life and strength and adds a typical earthy tagine flavor to your cooking. It can be used on stove top (up to low-med heat) as well as in the oven (up to 350 F). Our glazed tagines are dishwasher safe All Our tagines are food Safe! All our tagines are lead and cadmium free!

10" Tagine: 10"w x 8"h 

SKU:  TC000010