Sunset Lantern


This exotic, unique lantern is handcrafted in Morocco it combines metal and cut glass and will remind you of warm Casablanca nights should you choose to hang it indoors or out. wiring not included.

Dimensions: 21"H x 8"W

CAUTION! Please read these instructions carefully before use:
•Place only on a heat-resistant surface
•Blow out candles before leaving room
•NEVER leave a burning candle unattended
•Keep out of reach of children and pets
•If at anytime the candles leave soot, extinguish immediately and replace with a different candle.
•Check burning candles periodically for problems.
•Keep wicks centered and trimmed to ¼" long
•Allow candles to cool thoroughly before handling
•Burning candles should be kept away from curtains and other flammable materials.
•Always use the appropriate size of candles for the holder

SKU: LL021