We love this unboxing video of our Unglazed Tagine & Harissa from one of our happy customers and we think you will too! 

Stay tuned next week for our next video: How To Cure and Season Your New Tagine


Unglazed Natural Tagine

$62.00 / LINK 


This is what we call a true natural tagine. It is so beautiful, fragile yet very strong you can use it on the stove top at a low heat, in the oven (up to 350F) as well as on any grill. This tagine needs to be seasoned before first use. This process ensures long life and strength and adds a typical earthy tagine flavor to your cooking. The tagine is handmade; hand shaped into its form; therefore, the uneven and asymmetrical shape which is typical. 

Moroccan Harissa

$10.00 / LINK 

Our Moroccan Harissa is not your typical harissa sauce.  It has a delicious intensity that will bring flavor of mild foods such as rice, couscous, pastas, hummus or quinoa. Our harissa will add flavor to everything from tagines, sauces to vegetables, pastas, sandwiches, eggs and meats, poultry and seafood. Ingredients:  Moroccan red chili peppers, lemons and salt.



December 14, 2016 by Ally Labriola

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