At Casablanca Market, we're committed to working with local artisans from around the Mediterranean to bring you the best collection of handmade fine home goods and accessories from the region.

In a time where most goods are mass-produced or disposable, we believe in investing in products that echo generations of tradition and unique skill. Here at Casablanca Market, we tend to think there is something just a bit more special about a gift that has a story behind it. Chances are, if you are reading this, you’ll agree as well!

So, without further adieu... we present to you...our top ten picks from our marketplace for your consideration that are sure to make a lasting impression on your friends and family this holiday season. 


1) Moroccan Tasty Treats

A great gift for loved ones looking to cook up some new flavors in the New Year, head over to our Moroccan Food section in our marketplace. Adding our harissa, olives or preserved lemons to a recipe is sure to spice things up in more ways than one!


2) Pom Pom Pillows & Blankets

Snuggling up in one of our hand-sewn Moroccan blankets in front of a warm fire is just what everyone needs this holiday season. We’ve also got a great selection of Moroccan pillows to choose from as well. Our wide variety of pillows feature beautiful tones and organic geometric shapes-- making them practical, versatile and an easy way to play with pattern and color. Our top picks for this season goes to our Moroccan Black and White Pom Pom Blanket (pictured here) and Moroccan Embroidered Green Pom Pom Pillow. 


3) Hand Painted Bowls

This holiday season, treat a loved one to one of our hand painted bowls! Our fav this year goes to our Tapis Design Salad Bowl. Designed by our founder, Katia, this beautiful hand-made bowl takes a contemporary spin on a traditional shape.

Her inspiration came from her love of stripes and a simple Berber motif she discovered on a vintage Beni-Ourain carpet. The Tapis Design Bowl is perfect for serving up sumptuous salads and impressing your dinner guests over the holidays!


4) Moroccan Leather Poufs

Planning on a few family gatherings during the holidays? Poufs are a great addition to any room as they can provide extra seating or serve as end tables or foot rests. Poufs look fabulous on their own or in multiples, and compliment any style of decor. This holiday season, might we suggest one of our most popular poufs-- the stylish yet functional Grand Luxury Leather Pouf.


5) Hand Woven Market Baskets

Perfect to use for shopping trips, picnics, going to the beach, a night out, storing grocery items or using as a holiday gift basket, our market baskets are all one-of-a-kind and hand woven with palm leaves. Our favorite basket right now is our Market Basket with Brown Straps (pictured here). Our market baskets are timeless, sturdy, reusable, 100% biodegradable and hand-woven by women artisans in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.


6) Cooking and Serving Tagines

With the holiday party season fast approaching, why not cook (or serve) your dish in one of our Moroccan tagines this year? For purists, our Unglazed Natural Tagine is the perfect stove top, oven or grill-friendly option to slow-cook up a flavor-filled dish. Once you've cooked in a tagine, you’ll never go back!


7) Moroccan Tea Glasses & Tea Pots

Charm your tabletops this holiday season with our Moroccan Tea Time Collection. All of our tea glasses are hand-painted and made exclusively with recycled glass--beautiful gifts with a beautiful story.  For vintage lovers, we suggest our Vintage Teapot and Tea Tray. Each hand hammered item boast beautifully intricate designs and a personal touch. Dating back to the 1960’s, each teapot and tray are stamped in the back by their maker in Fez.


8) A Vintage Beni Ourain Rug

All of our rugs are woven by Berber tribes living much like they did centuries ago. We are proud to say that our marketplace is home to an extensive collection of Vintage Beni Ourain Rugs. While we would love to suggest our favorite, it’s usually best to let the right rug chose you. This holiday season, consider a gift that is truly one of a kind, as no two Beni Ourain rugs are alike!


9) Mr. Ali's Ceramic Mug

One of our artisans, Mr. Ali, has been making ceramic mugs for over 30 years. His pottery skills were passed down to him from his father. Our favorite product by Mr. Ali is this hexagonal mug. Pair this uniquely designed mug with your favorite coffeeshop gift card, and you’ve got the perfect gift for that coffee or tea lover in your life.

10) Hand Poured Candles

Candles and the holidays go hand in hand-- so why not snuggle up this season with our colorful candles. These scented candles are hand-poured with handmade wax into hand-painted tea glasses— it doesn’t get much more “hands on” than that! Our favorite scent this year is our Orange Blossom Scent Tea Glass Candles. These perfect stocking stuffers are ideal for a relaxing night, a family gathering or a romantic candle-lit dinner.



Why buy from Casablanca Market?

Products from Casablanca Market are all beautiful, yet practical. Although they are handmade, they are by no means inferior in quality to others. Every product is made using traditional methods, but adapted to suit the modern market.

For example, our woven pillows, which are traditionally made with wool in Morocco, are made with cotton to be more gentle against the skin. Color schemes also range from vibrant, traditional palettes to more muted, neutral colors to compliment any style of home.

Most importantly, every product has a story behind it. By keeping our production in Morocco, our hardworking artisans are able to simultaneously preserve their Moroccan artistic heritage and earn a living from their world-class skills.

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November 14, 2016 by Ally Labriola

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