Valentine's Day is right around the corner. What better way to share the love than to give a gift that has been made with lots of it!

At Casablanca Market, we're committed to working with local artisans from around the Mediterranean to bring you the best collection of handmade fine home goods and accessories from the region.

For your Valentines Day gift giving consideration, we present to you....



1) Moroccan Chess & Backgammon Set 

Chess & Backgammon

This exquisite, one of a kind Moroccan hand made backgammon and chess set is perfect for that gamer-guy in your life. Made from cedar, this two-in-one game is sure to make him smile.  More>> 





2) Fruit & Cheese Cutting Board with Secret Tool Set

Cutting boardIt doesn't get much cooler (and classier) than our cutting board and secret tool set compartment. This gift is sure to impress party guests and is perfect for the charcuterie-lover in your life.  More>> 



3) Moroccan Grilling Setup

For the guy who loves to grill, may we suggest he spice it up this year by grilling Moroccan style with our Charcoal Brazier and shish Kebob Skewers? And for next level grillmasters, check out our traditional Moroccan Bellow or Rabooz to keep the fire burning?  More>>  


4) Wine Glasses

Perfect for a romantic night in, these simple but beautiful wine glasses are made from hand-blown, recycled glass in Morocco. Far Wine glasses are also great for water, tea, coffee, juice, or as an impromptu candle holder.  More>>



5) Unglazed Natural Tagine & Moroccan Cooking Ingredients 

For purists, our Unglazed Natural Tagine is the perfect stove top, oven or grill-friendly option to slow-cook up a flavor-filled dish. Also, while you're at it, be sure to check out our Moroccan foods page which includes our famous preserved lemons and olives. Once you've cooked in a tagine, you’ll never go back!  More>>




1) Pom Pom Pillows & Blankets


Snuggling up in one of our hand-sewn Moroccan blankets for Valentines Day is just what your lady needs this holiday season. We’ve also got a great selection of Moroccan pillows to choose from as well. More>>


2) Hand Woven Market Baskets

Perfect to use for shopping trips, picnics, going to the beach, a night out, storing grocery items or using as a holiday gift basket, our market baskets are all one-of-a-kind and hand woven with palm leaves. Our favorite basket right now is our Market Basket with Brown Straps (pictured here). Our market baskets are timeless, sturdy, reusable, 100% biodegradable and hand-woven by women artisans in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.  More>>


3) Berber Serving Tagine

Moroccans use serving tagines to present their finished dishes on tables. This Berber Serving tagine is thick and substantial, allowing the food to stay warm throughout your meal. It is glazed on the outside of the lid and bottom. This tagine is made by hand in Morocco. More>>





4) One-of-a-Kind Moroccan Ingredients

A great gift for those looking to cook up some new flavors, head over to our Moroccan Food section in our marketplace. Adding our olivespreserved lemons or argan oil to your recipe is sure to spice things up in more ways than one! Looking for a recipe to try out? Our recent "How To Roast the Perfect Pepper" blog will show one example of how to incorporate our ingredients into the recipes you love. More>>












5) Moroccan Vintage Tea Set

Charm your tabletops with our Moroccan Tea Time Collection. All of our tea glasses like these Morjana Palais Mix (left) are hand-painted and made exclusively with recycled glass--beautiful gifts with a beautiful story. Pair these glasses with our Silver Teapot for a perfect gift for the tea-lover in your life. More>>





Why buy from Casablanca Market?

Products from Casablanca Market are all beautiful, yet practical. Although they are handmade, they are by no means inferior in quality to others. Every product is made using traditional methods, but adapted to suit the modern market.

For example, our woven pillows, which are traditionally made with wool in Morocco, are made with cotton to be more gentle against the skin. Color schemes also range from vibrant, traditional palettes to more muted, neutral colors to compliment any style of home.

Most importantly, every product has a story behind it. By keeping our production in Morocco, our hardworking artisans are able to simultaneously preserve their Moroccan artistic heritage and earn a living from their world-class skills.

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January 27, 2017 by Ally Labriola

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